Mysterious Ways

We’ve all heard that the Lord works in mysterious ways. It’s my opinion that Satan does as well.  Satan sneaks his way into our lives without us even seeing it. Sometimes its big things like temptation to commit sin. More often, it’s little things that undermine our relationship with God.  We wake up in the morning having hit the snooze alarm once too many times and now we have 5 or 10 minutes less in our day. What do we cut to make up time? Too often it’s prayer or our daily spiritual reading. We tell ourselves we’ll do it later, when there’s more time, when we aren’t so rushed, when we can really devote ourselves to our devotions. Sometimes we do. Sometimes we don’t.

Those of us who need God in our lives to help us stay healthy, both physically and mentally, might forget to turn to Him when we need Him the most. We don’t ask for help to avoid the temptation of that chocolate cake, to remember to take needed medications, to get the rest we need, to get out of the house and socialize so we don’t isolate ourselves and drift into depression. This is Satan working to keep us away from God.

I am great at praying for others. I (almost) always remember to give thanks and praise to God when things are going well. However, when I don’t feel well, am facing challenges, need strength or am depressed, I often forget to turn to God. I used to question why that was and I’ve now figured out that it’s the enemy working to keep me from the one thing I need most. The longer I stay away, the greater the hold Satan has over my life. He starts with the small things like that and worms his way into my life gradually, getting between me and my Lord. Luckily, so far, I haven’t allowed him to stay around and I eventually turn back to God.

The trick now is to keep Satan from getting that toehold to begin with. I need to make God my number one priority, every day, all day. I can’t allow the snooze alarm, or anything else, to get in the way of prayer, scripture reading, and spending time with God. Wish me luck. Better yet, pray for my success and I’ll pray for yours.


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