Welcome to my life.

I like to say that I’ve lived a very sheltered life, had things pretty easy.  Others say I have had an interesting life and handle things well.  I guess I must be a glass half full kind of gal, but not always.  I try, but sometimes it’s a struggle.  I’m probably not that much different from you.

I grew up in the suburbs and had a typical suburban childhood.  My mom stayed home until I got to high school and then joined the workforce.  My dad worked a lot and traveled a lot with his job.  “Wait until your father gets home” was a common phrase in our house, along with “because I said so.”

After trying college for a year, I left and joined the working world.  I made friends, met a man, got married and had children.  Six children.  Six male children to be exact.  I guess maybe that makes me a bit different from a lot of other women.  But they didn’t all come at once, so there’s that.

One month shy of our 33rd wedding anniversary, my husband died of lung cancer.  It wasn’t the long drawn out kind of cancer with chemo, remissions, and all that fun stuff.  He was diagnosed in May and died in August.  He was too sick for chemo so we never got to enjoy that experience, although he did have to have his leg amputated because of clotting difficulties, a complication of the cancer (DIC, look it up if you’re curious).

About 6 months later, our #5 son was diagnosed with testicular cancer.  After several surgeries and some grueling chemo, he’s now cancer free.

A little over a year after that, my mother fell at her home in Florida.  I went to be with her and, after 6 weeks by her side in the hospital, she passed away in December – on Friday the 13th.  Go figure.

Faith in God has gotten me through.  Knowledge that others have had a much worse life has gotten me through.  The love of my sons and my brothers, my extended family and all my friends have gotten me through.  Life, in fact, is pretty good in spite of the losses.

This blog will be a slice of my life, of my getting through.  My hope is that writing it all down will help me.  My prayer is that writing it all down will help at least one person who reads it.  There will most likely be humor, often dark, sick, warped or sarcastic.  There may be sadness, anger, frustration.  There will definitely be praise for God along with hope, happiness, joy and gratitude.  Please feel free to comment, share your stories, encourage each other, pray, etc.

Join me on my journey and maybe we’ll get through together.





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